Thursday, 16 October 2014

Reasons for using ORDBMS over RDBMS

Why do we need ORDBMS / Reasons for using ORDBMS / Advantages of ORDBMS


Reasons for having ORDBMSs over conventional RDBMSs

  • Storage requirements of newer applications - Conventional RDBMSs cannot handle the data like engineering designs, scientific experiments, GIS, and multimedia data.
  • Handling of data stored for newer applications – retrieve and manipulate data stored for newer applications like other data with RDBMS functionalities.
  • Ability to define user defined data types – to handle new type of data as and when required.
  • Reusability nature of objects – One of the main features of using objects, and methods.
  • Database extensibility – easy addition of data types and operations

And finally, the inability of RDBMS to handle the above said things.

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