Friday, June 18, 2021

List down the local methods for improving recall of IR systems

What are the local methods to improve recall in a retrieval system, relevance feedback, pseudo relevance feedback methods to improve recall, local methods for query reformulation in IR system



List down the local methods for improving recall of IR systems



Local methods go for local on-demand analysis for a user query in order to improve recall of a retrieval system. Following are the local methods for improving recall;

1. Relevance feedback

It improves the query based on user feedback on relevance of the documents in the initial set of results. Users were asked explicitly to mark the documents as relevant or non-relevant. This feedback is used to reformulate the query to produce new search results.

2. Pseudo relevance feedback

Pseudo relevance feedback, also known as blind relevance feedback, provides a method for automatic local analysis. It automates the manual part of relevance feedback, so that the user gets improved retrieval performance without an extended interaction.

3. Indirect relevance feedback



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