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List down the common global resources for query expansion

List down the global resources applicable for query expansion, what are the resources useful for query expansion or query reformulation, how does query expansion is achieved? global method for improving recall of an information retrieval system



List down the common resources for query reformulation / expansion



Query expansion is a global method for query reformulation. It is used for adding related words to a query in order to increase the number of returned documents and improve recall accordingly. It often referred as “global query expansion”. As the method uses global resources such as thesaurus and query logs that are not usually query dependent, it is referred to as “global query expansion”. Query expansion uses the following global resources for query reformulation;

1. Controlled vocabulary

There is a canonical term for each concept; all other terms for the same concept are replaced by the canonical term

2. Manual thesaurus

Human annotators build sets of synonymous terms for concepts. Example: PubMed.

3. Automatically generated thesaurus

Attempt to generate a thesaurus automatically by analyzing the distribution of words in documents

4. Query log mining

Query logs are maintained by each search engine in order to analyze the behavior of the user while interacting with search engine. These kind of approaches use these query logs to analyze the user’s preference and adds corresponding terms to query.



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