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What are the possible problems with Boolean retrieval models

List down the problems with Boolean retrieval model, What are the notable drawbacks of Boolean retrieval model, Boolean model is one of the information retrieval model, why the result from Boolean model is not ranked


What are the possible problems with Boolean retrieval models?



  • Very rigid: AND means all; OR means any.
    • Queries are Boolean expressions of keywords connected by AND, OR, and NOT, including the use of brackets.
  • Difficult to express complex user requests.
    • We cannot express complex queries as only keywords are processed for retrieval purpose.
  • Difficult to control the number of documents retrieved. 
    • All matched documents will be returned.
  • Difficult to rank output. 
    • All matched documents logically satisfy the query.
  • Difficult to perform relevance feedback. 
    • A document is identified by the user as relevant or irrelevant. No further data are collected. It makes it hard to perform relevance feedback.


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