Monday, June 28, 2021

What are the major problems with relevance feedback in information retrieval

List down the drawbacks of relevance feedback query expansion, Why relevance feedback is not widely applied?, basic problems with relevance feedback, When to use relevance feedback?


Why is relevance feedback not widely used? / What are the major problems with relevance feedback?



  • Users were sometimes reluctant to provide explicit feedback.
    • They may not be interested in interacting with the search engine. Rather, they may go for trying different query.
  • The user’s knowledge is insufficient to formulate the initial query.
    • User should have sufficient knowledge to represent their information needs through initial query. The cases like misspellings and vocabulary mismatch cannot be handled by relevance feedback alone.
  • Relevance feedback is expensive. It results in long queries that require more computation to retrieve. Search engines process lots of queries and allow little time for each one.
  • Makes it harder to understand why a particular document was retrieved after applying relevance feedback.


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