Monday, November 9, 2020

Why views are important in database management system?

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Q1) Why views are important in database management system?

a) They improve query execution efficiency

b) They help with access control by allowing users to see only a particular subset of the data in the database.

c) They help users to see entire database without any complexities

d) They provide data independence

Answer: (b) and (d)

As view is a stored query, it restricts users from seeing the entire table. Even the actual table name is hidden from end users.

Views allow programs to be independent of the actual physical layout of the data

What is database view?

A database view is a subset of a database and is based on a query that runs on one or more database tables. Database views are saved in the database as named queries and can be used to save frequently used, complex queries.

A view is simply any SELECT query that has been given a name and saved in the database. For this reason, a view is sometimes called a named query or a stored query.


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