Friday, May 1, 2020

Distributed Database Question Bank with Answers 07


Explain the differences between distributed, parallel, and federated databases

A distributed DBMS (DDBMS) is a DBMS where different parts of the database is located at different geographic locations (i.e. in several different computers or clusters) but where each part of the database is managed by local instances of the same DDBMS.
A parallel DBMS (PDBMS) is a single DBMS running on a single cluster where the PDBMS engine automatically decides how data is distributed and queries parallelized.
A federated DBMS (FDBMS) is a middleware DBMS that combines data from several different autonomous underlying DBMSs. SQL queries to the FDBMS are more or less automatically translated into queries to the underlying DBMSs.

Differentiate between distributed, parallel and federated databases

What are the major differences between distributed, parallel and federated databases

List the differences in distributed database

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