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Lexical ambiguity in natural language processing

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Lexical ambiguity 

It is class of ambiguity caused by a word and its multiple senses especially when the word is part of sentence or phrase. A word can have multiple meanings under different part of speech categories. Also, under each POS category they may have multiple different senses. Lexical ambiguity is about choosing which sense of a particular word under a particular POS category.
In a sentence, the lexical ambiguity is caused while choosing the right sense of a word under a correct POS category. 
For example, let us take the sentence “I saw a ship”. Here, the words “saw” and “ship” would mean multiple things as follows;
Saw = present tense of the verb saw (cut with a saw) OR past tense of the verb see (perceive by sight) OR a noun saw (blade for cutting) etc. According to WordNet, the word “saw” is defined under 3 different senses in NOUN category and under 25 different senses in VERB category.
Ship = present tense of the verb ship (transport commercially) OR present tense of the verb ship (travel by ship) OR a noun ship (a vessel that carries passengers) etc. As per WordNet, the word “ship” is defined with 1 sense under NOUN category and 5 senses under VERB category.
Due to multiple meanings, there arises an ambiguity in choosing the right sense of “saw” and “ship”.
Handling lexical ambiguity
Lexical ambiguity can be handled using the tasks like POS tagging and Word Sense Disambiguation.


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