Advanced Database Management System - Tutorials and Notes: Classification of real-time transactions
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Monday, 14 March 2016

Classification of real-time transactions

Classification of real-time transactions based on effect of not meeting the deadline, How would we classify real-time transactions based on their deadlines? Hard, Soft, and Firm real-time transactions with examples

Classification of Real-time transactions

Real-time transactions can be classified based on the effect caused when not meeting their deadlines. They are;

  • Hard real-time transactions 
    • The real-time transactions that would lead to catastrophic consequences if they are not executed on time is called hard real-time transactions. In this case a large negative value is imparted to the system.
Example: All the safety critical systems
  • Soft real-time transactions 
    • The real-time transactions that would degrade in terms of the system’s performance when not completed within deadline is called as soft real-time transaction. In this case the value drops to zero at a point of time after the deadline.
Example: Telephone switching
  • Firm real-time transactions 
    • The real-time transactions that impart no value to the system once their deadlines expire, i.e., the value drops to zero at the deadline is called as firm real-time transactions. As it does not give any values to the system, it has to be aborted.
Example: Air traffic control



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