Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Explain temporal consistency in real-time database

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Temporal Consistency

The consistency that needs to be maintained between the actual state of the environment (the controlled system’s state) and the state reflected by the contents of the database (the state perceived by the controlling system) is called as temporal consistency.


Consider an anti-missile system. The system’s controller maintains accurate information about the state of the missile by missile’s position, and acceleration data. These values change time to time. These changes have to be perceived by the controller as they are. That is, if the actual status of the missile at a point of time (the actual state of the environment) is, current position = 10km, and acceleration = 100 km/h, then the status about the missile as calculated by the controller (the state of the environment as perceived by the controller) should be very close to these values. This consistency requirement is called temporal consistency.

Temporal consistency has two components;



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