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Social Network Analysis MCQ - What is Mean Nodal Degree

Multiple choices questions in social network analysis, graph theory. Interview questions on social network analysis, quiz questions for social network analysis answers explained, Exam questions in graph theory, what is mean nodal degree?

Social Network Analaysis MCQ - What is Mean Nodal Degree in Social Network Analysis

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1. ______ is a statistic that reports the average degree of the nodes in the graph.

a) Mean nodal degree

b) Nodal degree

c) Nodal density

d) Number of links – 1

Answer: (a) Mean Nodal Degree


The mean nodal degree is a statistic that reports the average degree of the nodes in the graph. This is an useful measure to summarize the degrees of all the actors in a social network.


Nodal degree or degree of a node in graph theory (useful in social network analysis) is the number of lines that are incident with it. Equivalently, the degree of a node is the number of nodes adjacent to it. The degree of a node is a count that ranges from a minimum of 0, if no nodes are adjacent to a given node, to a maximum of g - 1, if a given node is adjacent to all other nodes in the graph.


The density of a graph is the proportion of possible lines that are actually present in the graph.



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