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Computer Networks MCQ - Handling of corrputed data packets by TCP and UDP

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Computer Networks MCQ - TCP and UDP - Corrupted messages

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1. Suppose a message may be corrupted between the sending process and the receiving process and as a result the receiving process may receive a corrupted message. Which of the following protocols works this way?

a) Only TCP

b) Only UDP

c) Both TCP and UDP

d) Neither TCP nor UDP

Answer: (d) Neither TCP nor UDP         

Neither protocol will allow a corrupted message to be delivered to a receiving process; both protocols use checksums to ensure that corrupted messages are not delivered to the receiving process. Checksum will be used at both the receiver and sender’s end.

How checksum is used to handle corrupted messages (data packets)?

Checksum is a simple error detection mechanism to determine the integrity of the data transmitted over a network. Communication protocols like TCP/IP/UDP implement this scheme in order to determine whether the received data is corrupted along the network. The sender of an IPv4 datagram would compute the checksum value based on the data and embed it in the frame. The receiver would also compute the checksum locally and based on the result ascertain the data integrity. Similarly the TCP/UDP data which forms the payload for the IP datagram would have its checksum computed and embedded as a part of the TCP/UDP frame.

TCP will resend the corrupted packets whereas UDP not.


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