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Difference between twisted pair and fiber optic cables

Differentiate between "optic-fiber" cable and "twisted pair" cable; which among different type of cables are efficient for more bandwidth applications; advantages and disadvantages of optic-fiber cable and twisted pair cable.

Twisted pair cable Vs Optic-fiber cable

Both are physical layer transmission technologies used in networks. 


Twisted pair is a type of cabling which is made up of two insulated copper wires twisted together to enable protection from crosstalk or interference from other adjunct twisted pair cables.


Optical fiber cables carry information in the form of data between two places using optical or light-based technology. Once the light beams travel down the optical fiber cable (OFC), they would emerge at the other end. A photoelectric cell will be required to turn the pulses of light back into electrical information the computer could understand. [Please refer here to know more about fiber-optic cable]


Twisted pair cable

Fiber optic cable

·        Two strands of copper wire, twisted around each other.

·        Uses electrical signals.

·        Limited bandwidth.

·        It can serve short distance networks.

·        Speed can be upto 1Gbps.

·        Single cable can be shorter (100 metres or less)

·        They can be connected easily with other twisted pair.

·        Electrical interference is possible as other twisted pairs are going parallel.

·        It is easy to break.

·        Least expensive

·        Ultra-thin, refined glass.

·        Uses light pulses. Total internal reflection.

·        Immense bandwidth.

·        It can serve long distance hence used in long-haul networks.

·        It can carry large amount of data at very high speed.

·        Single cable length can be longer.

·        It is very difficult to connect two cables without data loss.

·        No electrical interference since no electricity is used.

·        Fiber optic cable can be damaged easily.

·        Expensive.



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