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Difference between Circuit-switched and Packet-switiched networking methods

Differentiate between circuit-switched network and the packet-switched network

Circuit-switched Vs Packet-switched

A packet-switched network transports data units called packets through a maze of switches, where packets are queued and routed toward their destination. Packets are subject to a variable delay and loss and possibly arrive at their final destination out of order. 


A circuit-switched network is made of a set of switches connected by physical links. Communication via circuit switching involves three phases: setup, data transfer, and teardown. In circuit switching, the resources need to be reserved during the setup phase, and the resources remain dedicated, without interruption, for the entire duration of data transfer until the teardown phase.




·        Traditional telephone network design

·        Connection-oriented.

·        Requires dedicated end-to-end connection during calls.

·        Single path for entire duration of call. During the call no other traffic can use this path.

·        Switches maintain important state about calls.

·        Dumb devices at network edge. All the smarts are in the network core.

·        Wastage of bandwidth as it is reserved before call.

·        Data network design for Internet.

·        Connection-less*

·        Data is split into packets and each one is addressed and routed through the network.

·        Data packets can make use of most efficient route and reassembled at the receiver end.

·        Routers maintain minimal state about active calls.

·        Smarts are at network edge.

·        No wastage of bandwidth due to independent path chosen by packets.


* virtual-circuit packet switching are connection-oriented.



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