Sunday, May 10, 2020

Distributed Database Question Bank with Answers Home

Question bank with answers on various topics of distributed database management systems, University exam questions with answers

Distributed Database (DDB) Question Bank Home

  • Question bank SET 01

    • Keywords: Homogeneous DDBS, Pipelined parallelism, Replication, Fragmentation, Deadlock detection, Transaparancies,  Autonomy - Definition, Comparison and more...

  • Question bank SET 02

    • Keywords: Distributed transactions, transparancies,  buffer coherency, global lock table, fragmentation vs replication

  • Question bank SET 03

    • Keywords: Two Phase Commit (2PC), Parallel database architectures, types of replication, speed-up vs scale-up

  • Question bank SET 04

    • Keywords: Inter-operation vs Intra-operation parallelism, parallel database, architectures in parallel database

  • Question bank SET 05  

    • Keywords: optimal data allocation, derived horizontal fragmentation, correctness rules for horizontal and vertical fragmentation

  • Question bank SET 06

  • Question bank SET 07

  • Question bank SET 08

  • Question bank SET 09

  • Question bank SET 10     

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