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Explain real time system with example

What is real time system? Define real-time system Real-time system example

Real-Time System
A system is called a real-time system if it needs to express the quantitative time (real-time) to describe the behavior of the system – Prof. Rajib Mall

A system whose basic specification and design correctness arguments must include its ability to meet its time constraints is called real-time system. The system’s correctness depends not only on the logical correctness, but also on the timeliness of its actions.

A real-time system consists of both a controlling system and a controlled system.

  • Controlled system – the environment that has to be monitored
  • Controlling system – the devices that monitor the environment


1. In an auto-pilot system, the aircraft has to be controlled by the auto-pilot system including navigation, landing, and takeoff. Here, the aircraft is the controlled system and the sensors, computers, or any other devices that control the aircraft is the controlling system.
2. In a car safety system, the airbag has to be released when a sensor detects collision. This must be happened within a time frame, say, within 10msec. Otherwise, we state that the system is failed. Here, airbag is the controlled system, and the system that consists of the sensor to detect the collision and the device used to release the airbag is called as controlling system.


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