Advanced Database Management System - Tutorials and Notes: Differentiate between conventional database and real time database
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Friday, 11 March 2016

Differentiate between conventional database and real time database

Differentiate between conventional database and real time database - difference between real-time database and conventional database.

Difference between conventional and real-time databases

Conventional Database
Real-Time Database
Nature of Data
Persistent data (values do not become obsolete)
Persistent + Temporal data (values may become obsolete if deadline is missed)
Data items
Static data items
Dynamic data items (Data items that reflect the state of the environment)
Static data items
Data validity
Consistent transactions maintain valid data in databases
Data validity is highly depend on the time
Logically correct and consistent
Logically correct and consistent
Approximately correct
Time correctness
Timing constraints
No timing constraints
Timing constraints to be followed
Logical Consistency
Logical consistency
External consistency
Temporal consistency
Response time
To be minimized to handle more transactions.
Response time requirements come from external world
ACID properties
Must be satisfied for every transaction
May be relaxed in few cases
Performance metric
Number of transactions completed per unit time
Number of transactions missing their deadlines per unit time


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