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Machine Learning MCQ - Both supervised and unsupervised learning have input variables

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Machine Learning MCQ - Supervised and unsupervised learning have at least one input variable

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1. Both supervised learning and unsupervised learning require at least one _________ .

a) output variable.

b) input variable.

c) hidden variable.

d) categorical variable.

Answer: (c) input variable

In supervised learning, we have both input and output variables. But in unsupervised learning, we have only input data and no corresponding output variables.

Input variables (also referred as independent variables) are features that are input to a model to predict the value of the output variables (also referred as dependent variables). In the function mentioned below, X is input variable and Y is output variable;

Y = f(X)

Categorical data refers to input features that represent one or more discrete items from a finite set of choices.


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