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DBMS Solved MCQ - Atomicity property required for transactions in RDBMS

Multiple choices questions in DBMS, Transaction states in database, What are the ACID properties? Why incomplete transactions should not visible to other transactions in RDBMS? Who enforces ACID properties? What properties ensure the completeness of transactions in DBMS?

DBMS MCQ - Atomicity - first of the ACID properties a transaction should possess in RDBMS

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1. To ensure integrity of the data, a database system should ensure transactions to possess certain properties. The property that makes sure that “either all instructions executed successfully or none of them are” is called

a) Atomicity

b) Consistency

c) Isolation

d) Durability

Answer: (a) Atomicity

While executing a transaction, the most desirable property is to execute all the instructions of the given transaction or execute none (if executed few, roll them back). This property helps to avoid inconsistencies caused by an incomplete transaction. Atomicity is the property which ensures this.

ACID properties are the desirable properties that any transaction should possess in a relational database management system. These properties help in safeguarding the integrity of the data.

ACID properties should be enforced by concurrency control methodologies.


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