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DBMS solved MCQ - Advantages of concurrent execution of multiple transactions

Multiple choices questions in DBMS, Transaction states in database, What are the advantages of concurrent execution of transactions? How do we improve the transaction throughput in RDBMS? How can we reduce the waiting time of smaller transactions?

DBMS MCQ - System crash and state of a transaction

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1. Transaction-processing systems usually allow multiple transactions to run concurrently. Which of the following best suits as the advantage(s) of allowing concurrent execution of transactions? 

a) Improved transaction throughput

b) Reduced execution complexity

c) Serializability

d) Reduced waiting time

Answer: (a) Improved transaction throughput and (d) Reduced waiting time

Improved transaction throughput - Permitting multiple transactions to execute in parallel will increase the number of transaction executed. The parallelism of the CPU and the IO system can be used to handle concurrent execution of transactions.

Reduced waiting time – the short transaction need not wait for the longer ones to complete if they are permitted to execute concurrently.

Concurrent execution reduces the unpredictable delays in running transactions. Moreover, it also reduces the average response time: the average time for a transaction to be completed after it has been submitted.

How would we improve the transaction throughput?

By permitting multiple transactions to work in parallel.

What is transaction throughput?

Number of transactions executed per second

How do we reduce waiting time of smaller transactions?

When we permit multiple transactions to work simultaneously, smaller transactions need not wait for the longer one to finish. [Smaller transactions may have to wait for longer one to finish if we permit them to execute serially, ie, one after the other]

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