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Relational Database Management Systems MCQ, questions and answer in DBMS, client-server database model, advantages, why do we say that the improved system performance is an advantage of client-server database model?

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Question: Which of the following is an advantage of client-server database approach?

a) Improved system performance

b) Improved security

c) Reduced complexity in implementation of the system

d) Distributed storage

Answer: (a) Improved system performance

Improved performance of the database system is an advantage of client-server database model (2-tier model).

Processing can be carried out on the machine most appropriate to the task. Data-intensive processes can be carried out on the server, whereas data-entry validation and presentation logic can be executed on the client machine. This reduces unnecessary network traffic and improves overall performance. It also gives the possibility of optimizing the hardware on each machine to the particular tasks required of that machine.


Advantages of client-server database architecture:

Centralized storage – All data are stored in a single centralized server; as the data are stored in a central server, it is easy to manage data.

Improved performance – both the server and the client can be used in processing data. Data-intensive processes can be carried out in the server, whereas the validation and related processing can be done by the client.

Scalability – Client server networks are highly scalable. Whenever the user needs they can increase the number of resources such as clients and servers.

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