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discuss different delays that occur in a storage system with conventional hard disk setup

Operating systems questions and answers, OS University exam questions, what are the different delays happen while accessing data in a hard disk


List and discuss different delays that occur while servicing a request in a storage system with conventional hard disk setup.



Seek time: time to move read/write head from its current position to the desired track. It is the time taken for a hard disk controller to locate a specific piece of stored data. It may take 3 to 12 milliseconds (9ms is common for desktop drives).

Rotational latency: time for desired sector on target track to spin under the read/write head. May take 1-2 milliseconds (medium)

Transfer time: it is about how long the actual data read or write takes. Time to read the target sector and transfer bytes to host computer. The transfer time is the estimated time for the completion of a data transmission. A millisecond or less (low).

Wait time: time spent in I/O queue waiting for service. Could be 0 or more milliseconds, depending on number of requests queued and the disk request scheduling policy used.


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