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Multiple Choice Questions with Answers in Information Retrieval SET 1

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Information Retrieval MCQs - SET 01

1. Which of the following is/are classical IR models?

a) Vector model

b) Boolean model

c) Interaction model

d) Cluster model

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2. What is the disadvantage of Boolean retrieval model?

a) Easy to implement

b) Difficult to rank output

c) Difficult to process a query

d) It is one of the complex retrieval models

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3. An inverted index is a database index that ____.

a) stores, for each term t, the list of all documents that contain term t

b) stores mapping from documents to words

c) orders the terms in a different order which is not a sequential order.

d) All of the above

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4. For a query, a retrieval system retrieves 42 relevant documents and 34 irrelevant documents from a document collection that consists of 95 relevant documents. What is the precision of the retrieval system?

a) 0.40

b) 0.50

c) 0.62

d) 0.55

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5. Which of the following techniques tries to improve recall of an information retrieval system by adding synonyms to the query?

a) Query expansion

b) Relevance feedback

c) Pseudo relevance feedback

d) None of the above

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