Friday, November 27, 2020

Machine Learning Multiple Choice Questions and Answers 23

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Machine learning MCQ - Set 23


1. Ridge and Lasso regression are simple techniques to ________ the complexity of the model and prevent over-fitting which may result from simple linear regression.

a) Increase

b) Decrease

c) Eliminate

d) None of the above

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2. How does the bias-variance decomposition of a ridge regression estimator compare with that of ordinary least squares regression?

a) Ridge has larger bias, larger variance

b) Ridge has larger bias, smaller variance

c) Ridge has smaller bias, larger variance

d) Ridge has smaller bias, smaller variance

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3. When compared with Lasso regression, the Ridge regression works well in cases where we

a) if we have more features

b) if we have less features

c) if features have high correlation

d) if features have low correlation

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