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Quiz questions and answers in distributed database MCQ 07

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Multiple Choice Questions with Answers in Distributed Database


1. In distributed query processing, which of the following layer activities are performed by central control site?

a) Query decomposition

b) Data localization

c) Global optimization

d) Distributed execution

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2. Which of the following is NOT a step of query decomposition layer in distributed query processing?

a) Normalized query is analyzed semantically

b) Semantically correct query is simplified

c) Simplified calculus query is restructured as an algebraic query

d) The algebraic query is executed by the local sites

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3. Which of the following is/are NOT locking protocols used in distributed DBMS environment?

a) Centralized 2PL

b) Primary copy 2PL

c) Rigorous 2PL

d) Majority locking based 2PL

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4. Let us assume that in 2PC protocol a transaction coordinator failed after a decision is taken (to abort/commit) and shared among the participating sites. What should the coordinator do during restart (recovery)?

a) Abort the transaction in any case

b) Commit the transaction in any case

c) Commit/abort only if received all acknowledgements from participating sites

d) Cannot be decided by the coordinator on what to be done

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5. Which of the following is NOT an advantage of data replication in distributed database?

a) Fast access to shared data

b) High availability

c) Reduced network traffic

d) Easy updating of data items

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