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Computer Networks multiple choice questions set 02

Computer networks multiple choice questions with answers, entrance exam quiz questions on computer networks, solved exam questions on computer networks

Computer Networks MCQ - SET 02


1. In a domain name like, the Top-Level-Domain (TLD) is:

(a) www

(b) in

(c) iitm

(d) ac

Answer: (b) in

A top-level domain is the last segment of your domain name, the element located after the last dot. As it is located in the ending, it is also known as a domain suffix.

2. Which of these network applications uses TCP as its default transport-layer protocol?

(a) Remote login

(b) Electronic mail

(c) World Wide Web

(d) All of the above

Answer: (d) All of the above

Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) is the default transport layer protocol for all network applications including remote login, e-mail, WWW, file transfer etc.

TCP is a standard that defines how to establish and maintain a communication through which application programs can exchange data. TCP works with the Internet Protocol (IP), which defines how computers send packets of data to each other.


3. Which of these network applications uses UDP as its default transport layer protocol?

(a) BitTorrent

(b) NNTP (Network News Transfer Protocol)

(c) DNS (Domain Name Service)

(d) World Wide Web

Answer: (c) DNS (Domain Name Service)

Domain name service (DNS) is the application service that translates the IP address into a more recognized and memorable name. Whenever using the Internet, there are millions of DNS servers that translate any uniform resource locator (URL) typed into the location field of any Web browser into a specific IP address.

The Domain Name System (or DNS) converts human readable domain names (like: into Internet Protocol (IP) addresses (like:


4. In general, the throughput achieved by a file transfer using TCP depends on:

(a) the size of the file being transferred

(b) the round trip time of the network path

(c) the packet loss rate of the network

(d) the version of TCP being used

Answer: All options

The size of the file, round trip time of the network, packet loss and the version of TCP used are involved in calculating the throughput achieved by a file transfer.

Refer for calculation here.


5. In a virtual circuit network, routing decisions are made:

(a) Once per packet

(b) Once per call

(c) Once per hour

(d) Once per day

Answer: (b) once per call

A virtual circuit (VC) is a means of transporting data over a packet-switched network in such a way that it appears as though there is a dedicated physical link between the source and destination end systems of this data. The term virtual circuit is synonymous with virtual connection. Wikipedia

Virtual circuits are generally set up on a per-call basis and are disconnected when the call is terminated; some type of virtual circuits may work on a permanent line also.

A packet switch in a virtual-circuit network must perform the signaling functions associated with the setting up of a call, maintaining it and tearing it down.



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