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Machine Learning Exam Interview Questions TRUE or FALSE 07

Machine learning quiz questions TRUE or FALSE with answers, important machine learning interview questions for data science, Top 3 machine learning question set

Machine Learning TRUE / FALSE Questions - SET 07

1. If two random variables are independent, then they have to be uncorrelated.

(a) TRUE                                                   (b) FALSE

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Answer: TRUE

If two random variables A and B are independent, then they are uncorrelated.

Uncorrelated means that their correlation coefficient is 0, or, equivalently, that the covariance between them is 0.

Independent random variables are uncorrelated, but uncorrelated random variables are not always independent.

2. Given a linearly-separable dataset for a 2-class classification problem, a Linear SVM is better to use than a perceptron because the SVM will often be able to achieve better classification accuracy on the testing set.
(a) TRUE                                                   (b) FALSE

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Answer: TRUE
True because by maximizing the margin the decision boundary learned by the SVM will often be farther away from more of the training examples, leading to better performance on the testing examples that are close to the decision boundary.

3. K-means automatically adjusts the number of clusters.

(a) TRUE                                                   (b) FALSE

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Answer: FALSE

K-means neither decide nor adjust the number of clusters. The algorithm has to be initialized with a k value.


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