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Operating systems multiple choice questions for exams - Set 10

Operating systems exams - multiple choice questions (MCQ) and answers

Operating Systems MCQ – Set 10

1. Which one of the following is FALSE?
(a) User level threads are not scheduled by the kernel
(b) When a user level thread is blocked, all other threads of its process are blocked
(c) Context switching between user level threads is faster than context switching between kernel level threads.
(d) Kernel level threads cannot share the code segment

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Answer: (d) Kernel level threads cannot share the code segment                   
Thread shares information like data segment, code segment, open files etc. with its peer threads while it contains its own registers, stack, counter etc. Mostly threads share the memory and the resources of any process to which they fit in. Kernel level threads can share the code segment within the same process.

2. Which one of the following is an advantage of multiprocessor systems?

(a) Increased modularity
(b) Increased reliability
(c) Increased security
(d) None of above

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Answer: (b) Increased reliability                   
Increased reliability is one of the advantages of multiprocessor systems. More work can be completed in short time due to the increase in number of processor.

The other advantages are Reduced cost and Increased throughput.

3. System calls to allocate and free memory belongs to which of the operating system service category below:

(a) Device manipulation
(b) File manipulation
(c) Information maintenance
(d) Process control

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Answer: (d) Process control                   
 Process control is one type of system calls. Allocating and freeing memory is one of the functions of process control system call.
The other functions include;
  • Crate and terminate process
  • Load and execute
  • Get and set process attributes
  • Wait for time, wait event and signal event

4. The scheduler that brings processes into memory and swaps them out on disk as needed is referred to as:

(a) Short-term scheduler
(b) Long-term scheduler
(c) Medium-term scheduler
(d) None of the above

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Answer: (c) Medium-term scheduler      
 A scheduler is an operating system program (module) that selects the next job to be admitted for execution.
The use of medium term scheduler is to improve multiprogramming by allowing multiple processes to reside in main memory by swapping out processes that are waiting (need I/O) or low priority processes and swapping in other processes that were in ready queue.
Most of the processes require some I/O operation. In that case, it may become suspended for I/O operation after running a while. It is beneficial to remove these processes (suspended) from main memory to hard disk to make room for other processes. At some later time these processes can be reloaded into memory and continued where from it was left earlier. Saving of the suspended process is said to be swapped out or rolled out. The process is swapped in and out by the medium term scheduler.

5. In an operating system a utility which lets the users issue and execute commands from the keyboard is called ______

(a) Terminal Handler
(b) Command Interpreter
(c) Kernel
(d) None of the above

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Answer: (b) Command Interpreter         

What is Command Interpreter

A command interpreter is the part of an Operating System that understands and executes commands that are entered interactively by a human being or from a program. A user can interact with the operating system through a special process, the command interpreter using a command language. In most UNIX based operating systems, the command interpreter is called the shell.


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