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Three Phase Commit (3PC) protocol in distributed database failure recovery

Three Phase Commit (3PC) protocol in distributed database failure recovery

Three Phase Commit (3PC) Protocol

Two Phase Commit (2PC) is one of the failure recovery protocols commonly used in distributed database management system. It has a disadvantage of getting blocked under certain circumstances. For example, assume a case where the coordinator of a particular transaction is failed, and the participating sites have all sent <READY T> message to the coordinator. Now, participating sites do not have either <ABORT T> or <COMMIT T>. At this stage, no site can take a final decision on its own. Only solution is to wait for the recovery of the coordinator site. Hence, 2PC is a blockingprotocol.

3PC is a protocol that eliminates this blocking problem on certain basic requirements;

  • No network partitioning
  • At least one site must be available
  • At most K simultaneous site failures are accepted
2PC has two phases namely voting phase and decision phase. 3PC introduces pre-commit phase (serves as a buffer phase) as the third phase. 3PC works as follows;

Phase 1 (WAIT/VOTING):
Transaction Coordinator (TC) of the transaction writes BEGIN_COMMIT message in its log file and sends PREPARE message to all the participating sites and waits.
Upon receiving this message, if a site is ready to commit, then the site’s transaction manager (TM) writes READY in its log and send VOTE_COMMIT to TC.
If any site is not ready to commit, it writes ABORT in its log and responds with VOTE_ABORT to the TC.

Phase 2 (PRE-COMMIT):
If TC received VOTE_COMMIT from all the participating sites, then it writes PREPARE_TO_COMMIT in its log and sends PREPARE_TO_COMMIT message to all the participating sites.
On the other hand, if TC receives any one VOTE_ABORT message, it writes ABORT in its log and sends GLOBAL_ABORT to all the participating sites and also writes END_OF_TRANSACTION message in its log.
On receiving the message PREPARE_TO_COMMIT, the TM of participating sites write PREPARE_TO_COMMIT in their log and respond with READY_TO_COMMIT message to the TC.
If they receive GLOBAL_ABORT message, then TM of the sites write ABORT in their logs and acknowledge the abort. Also, they abort that particular transaction locally.

If all responses are READY_TO_COMMIT, then TC writes COMMIT in its log and send GLOBAL_COMMIT message to all the participating sites’ TMs. The TM of those sites then writes COMMIT in their log and sends an acknowledgement to the TC. Then, TC writes END_OF_TRANSACTION in its log. 


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