Sunday, February 11, 2018

oltp vs olap

Online analytical processing (OLAP) vs Online transaction processing (OLTP)

(Online Transaction Processing)

(Online Analytical Processing)

Data Source

Operational data from day-to-day transactions of any database. For example bills generated, inventory etc in a super market.

Consolidated data from various OLTP systems. For example product sold details from various super markets.

Purpose of data

To perform and monitor daily business needs.

For planning, and decision making in managerial level.

Inserts and updates

Short and fast inserts usually initiated by end users like online customers, billing counter executives etc.

Periodical long-running insertion and update because of the size of data


Relatively simple standard queries returning small amount of data/deal with small amount of data.

Complex queries usually with aggregation that needs to deal with huge amount of data.

Size of data

Small amount of data. The old data are usually archived and not part of operational data.

Large amount of data due historical data.


Data are typically highly normalized with many tables.

De-normalized and fewer tables.

Processing speed

Very fast due to small amount of data.

Depends on the data considered for planning or decision making


Online analytical processing
Online transaction processing
define OLTP
define OLAP

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