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Stack Abstract Data Type Data Structure

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Stack ADT

  • Stack is a special kind of list in which all insertions and deletions occur at one end, called the top.
  • Stack ADT is a special case of the List ADT. It is also called as a LIFO list or a pushdown list.
  • In stack, the element which goes into the stack at last is the one which is coming/extracted out. Hence, it is called LIFO (Last In First Out) list.
Typical Stack ADT Operations:
  1. createStack (S) - creates an empty stack.
  2. top (S) - returns the element at the top of the stack.
  3. pop (S) - deletes the top element of the stack.
  4. push (x, S) - Inserts element x at the top of stack S.
  5. empty (S) - returns true if S is empty and false otherwise
  • Stack is a natural data structure to implement subroutine or procedure calls and recursion in many compilers.
Stack Implementation: Stacks can be implemented using Arrays or Pointers.

Example - Stack operations :
PUSH operation:
Inserts an element into the stack from top only.

POP operation:
Removes an element from the stack through top only.


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