Monday, January 15, 2018

Draw an entity relationship diagram for the given scenario

Draw an ER diagram for the given scenario, Construct an ER diagram to model a database for the given information, How to draw Entity Relationship diagram?

Draw an ER diagram for the given scenario;

Suppose that you are designing a schema to record information about reality shows on TV. Your database needs to record the following information:
_ For each reality show, its name, genre, basic_info and participants name. Any reality show has at least two or more participants.
_ For each producer, the company name, company country. A show is produced by exactly one producer. And one producer produces exactly one show.
_ For each television, its name, start year, head office.  A television may broadcasts multiple shows. Each show is broadcasted by exactly one television.
_ For each user, his/her username, password, and age. A user may rate multiple shows, and a show may be rated by multiple users. Each rating has a score of 0 to 10.
Draw an entity relationship diagram for this database.




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