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CP7202 - Advanced Databases November December 2016 Anna University Question

CP 7202 Advanced Databases question paper – November/December 2016 

Question Paper Code : 17312
Second Semester
Computer Science and Engineering
(Common to M.E. Computer Science and Engineering (With specialization in Networks) and M.Tech. Information Technology)
(Regulation 2013)
Time : Three Hours                                                          Maximum : 100 marks
Answer ALL Questions
PART A – (10 X 2 = 20 marks)
1. What is three-tier client-server architecture?
2. Define commit protocol. What are its types?
3. What is meant by object persistence?
4. Differentiate between ODL and OQL.
5. Mention the design principles for active rules.
6. Write the different types of queries used in spatial database.
7. Mention the significance of handoff management.
8. How is mining different from searching?
9. Can you store XML in databases? Justify your answer.
10. List some of the cloud data models.
PART B – (5 X 13 = 65 marks)
(ii) What is distributed query processing? Explain in detail with an example. (6)

12. (a) (i) Describe about object identity, object structure and type constructors in Object oriented databases. (6)
(ii) Distinguish between object oriented and object relational databases. (7)
(b) Explain the components of ODMG model. (13)

13. (a) Describe the syntax and semantics of Active databases explain how the active rules are specified in Oracle. (13)
(b) (i) How are recursive queries specified in SQL? Explain. (8)
(ii) Describe about Temporal databases. (5)

14. (a) Explain about the mobile transaction models. (13)
(b) Explain the various data classification methods for data mining. (13)

15. (a) Write a note on:
(i) Native XML database. (7)
(ii) Web databases. (6)
(b) Describe cloud storage architecture with neat diagram. (13)
PART C – (1 X 15 = 15 marks)
16. (a) How is concurrency control achieved in distributed databases? Justify your answer with an example.
(b) Mention the problems of location-dependent data distribution. How does it affect the data integrity and data consistency? Explain your answer.


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