Saturday, August 27, 2016

Objectives of allocation of fragments in distributed database

What are the objectives of allocation of fragments? What are the advantages of allocation of fragments? Why do we allocate fragments in distributed database?

Advantages/Objective of allocation of fragments in distributed database

Locality of reference – Data are close where they are required. For example, in a bank database, we allocate a server locally at Chennai to store all the account and related details of Chennai customers.
Improved reliability and availability – Data are highly reliable and available. For example, if something happens to one server will not affect the other, hence other servers are always available and accessible.
Balanced storage and cost – Simple hard disks are fine. Cost effective. No need to invest on very high configuration hardwares for small amount of data.
Minimal communication cost - Communication cost is less. For example, people who are trying to access their account are going to access them locally most of the times. As data are available locally or near, the communication cost involved in it is also less.


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