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Advanced Database Management - BE-IT Pune University Question May June 2014

Pune University BE(IT) Question Papers May June 2014 / Previous year BE(Information Technology) question papers of Pune University / BE IT Advanced Databases Question Paper / Pune University Questions with Answers

B. E. (IT) Examination - May 2014
(2008 Pattern)
[Time : 3 Hours]                                                                [Max. Marks : 100]
[Total No. of Questions : 12]                                     [Total No. of Printed Pages :3]
Instructions :
(1) Answers to the section should be written in separate books
(2) Neat diagrams must be drawn wherever necessary.
(3) Assume suitable data, if necessary.
(4) Section I :Q1or Q2, Q3 or Q4, Q5 or Q6
(5) Section II: Q7 or Q8, Q9 or Q10, Q11 or Q12

Q1) a) What is PL/SQL Engine? Draw PL/SQL BLOCK structure. Explain each block. [8]
b) Describe the working of cursor and types of cursors in PL/SQL. [8]
Q2) a) Explain the need of packages and describe the package in detail with its advantages. [8]
b) Compare the Embedded SQL and dynamic SQL. [8]

Q3) a) Write a short not on          [16]
i)Main Memory Database
ii)Real Time Transaction system
Q4) a) What is Transactional Workflow explain in detail with example. [8]
b) Explain the Optimistic concurrency control protocol for Multidatabase System. [8]

Q5) a) Describe XML query algebra operation. Describe FLWOR expression with example. [9]
b) What is Persistent object? Explain the approaches to make the Object Persistent. [9]
Q6) a) What is XML Schema.? Explain with example. [9]
b) Where you would need to use Complex data types? How would you declare structured types using SQL: 1999? [9]

Q7) a) Discuss the features of Star, Snowflake and Fact Constellation schema of Data Warehouse, Compare the above three schemas. [9]
b) Explain Kimball database design methodology for data warehouse. [9]
Q8) a) Present a diagrammatic representation of typical architecture and main components of data warehouse. [9]
b) What is the need of extraction, cleaning and transformation while building data warehouse? Give examples to support your answer. [9]

Q9) a) Explain Aproiri Algorithm with example. [8]
b) What is Data cube? Explain the different operations on data cube. [8]
Q10) a) What is Decision tree? How decision tree is used for classification? [8]
b) What is OLAP benchmark? List the applications and Benefits of OLAP. [8]

Q11) a) Explain what is the need of granting and revoking privileges. [8]
b) Explain different security and integrity threats to the database. [8]
Q12) a) What is authorization and encryption in terms of providing security for database? [8]
b) Explain the statistical database security. [8]


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