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Characteristics of real time systems

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Characteristics of Real-time systems

  • Timeliness and predictability 
    • A system should perform correct operations within the specified time.
  • Typically embedded in a large complex system 
    • A system which is embedded in a larger system to monitor and control the larger system.
  • Dependability (reliability) and fault tolerance 
    • Reliability is about how often a system may fail. In other words, how efficiently a system can work over a period of time. 
    • Fault tolerance is about the ability to recognize and handle failures.
  • Concurrency 
    • A system that is capable of handling the input from the environment simultaneously.
  • Explicit timing constraints (soft, firm, and hard) 
    • A soft system is a system that meets its deadline but may not within time. 
    • A hard system has to meet its deadline within the specified time. 
    • A firm system has to meet its deadline within the time specified failing which the result may not be accepted.
  • Failure will normally involve cost 
    • Cost would mean the financial cost or impact on human or other lives.
  • Testing of a real-time system 
    • Mostly a real-time system can be tested with simulations because of the cost involved in testing with actual environments.



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