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Database management systems - basics and ER modelling quiz

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1. _________ attribute can uniquely identify a record (row/tuple) in a table (relation).
(a) Partial key
(b) Candidate key
(c) Foreign key
(d) All of the above
2. Which of the following is used to logically connect a table with the other?
(a) Super key
(b) Candidate key
(c) Unique key
(d) Primary key
3. One driver drives one or more cars, and one car is driven by one or more drivers. What type of relationship is this?
(a) One-to-one
(b) One-to-many
(c) Many-to-one
(d) Many-to-many
4. A customer can have one or more vehicles and a vehicle is owned by exactly one customer. What type of relationship exists between customer and vehicle?
(a) One-to-one from customer to vehicle
(b) One-to-many from customer to vehicle
(c) Many-to-one from customer to vehicle
(d) Many-to-many from customer to vehicle
5. A cricket player can play for exactly one team, and a team can consist of several players. What type of relationship exists between team and player from team to player?
(a) One-to-one
(b) One-to-many
(c) Many-to-one
(d) Many-to-many
6. __________ schema defines the view(s) of a relation to the end users.
(a) Conceptual schema
(b) External schema
(c) Physical schema
(d) Logical schema
7. What type of relationship would exist between Tourist entity set and Passport entity set?
(a) One-to-one
(b) One-to-many
(c) Many-to-one
(d) Many-to-many
8. If a strong entity set A of an ER diagram contains a multi-valued attribute, then which one of the following is true?
(a) Reducing A into relation must not contain that multi-valued attribute
(b) A separate relation has to be created for multi-valued attribute
(c) A cannot be in 1NF, if that multi-valued attribute is included with A.
(d) All of them are TRUE
9. An author can write many books, in turn, a book can be written by at most one author. What type of relationship would exist between Author and Book entity sets?
(a) One-to-one from Book to Author
(b) One-to-many from Author to Book
(c) Many-to-one from Book to Author
(d) Both (b) and (c)
10. A candidate key is a key _____________ .
(a) that uniquely identify any rows in a table.
(b) that is redundant
(c) that cannot uniquely identify any rows in a table.
(d) None of the above

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