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Database Management Systems - Cochin University July 2010 Supplementary Questions

Database Management Systems - Cochin University July 2010 Questions / CUSAT - DBMS July 2010 Supplementary Question / CS 505 DBMS CUSAT Question

BTS (C) – V – (S) - 10 – 037 – E
B.Tech Degree V Semester (Supplementary) Examination,
July 2010
CS/IT 505 Database Management Systems
(2002 Scheme)
Time: 3 Hours                                                    Maximum marks: 100

I. (a) Explain various data models. (15)
(b) List the function of database administrator. (5)
II. (a) Explain the three schema architecture. (10)
(b) Show the specialization and generalization features of database with the help of an ER diagram. (10)

III. Discuss various hashing techniques. (20)
IV. (a) Distinguish between spanned and unspanned records. (10)
(b) What do you meant by multilevel indexing? (10)

V. (a) Explain the fundamental operations in relational algebra. (10)
(b) What do you meant by multivalued dependency and join dependency? (10)
VI. (a) Distinguish between trivial and nontrivial dependency. (5)
(b) What do you meant by normalization? Describe I, II, and III normal forms with example. (15)

VII. (a) Define transaction. Explain the ACID properties of transaction. (15)
(b). Explain shadow paging. (5)
VIII. (a) Discuss view serializability and conflict serializability. (10)
(b) Explain the various database recovery techniques. (10)

IX. (a) Explain three phase commit protocol. (15)
(b) What do you meant by distributed database? (5)
X. Write short notes on
(i) Active database
(ii) Data mining
(iii) Object oriented database
(iv) Distributed query processing (4 X 5 = 20)


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