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DBMS Basics and ER Model Quiz 6

Entity-Relationship Modeling Quiz 1

1. According to the levels of data abstraction, the schema at the intermediate level is called
    Logical schema
    Physical schema
    Conceptual schema

2. It is an abstraction through which relationships are treated as higher level entities

3. ___________ creates the metadata.
    DML compiler
    DML pre-processor
    DDL interpreter
    Query interpreter

4. When an E-R diagram is mapped to tables, the representation of which of the followig is redundant?
    Weak entity sets
    Weak relationship sets
    Strong entity sets
    Strong relationship sets

5. In an ER diagram, Y is the dominant entity and X is a subordinate entity. Then which of the following is incorrect?
    Operationally, if X is deleted, so is Y
    Operationally, if Y is deleted, so is X
    Existence is dependent on Y
    Operationally, if X is deleted, and remains the same

6. Which of the following can be considered as one of the reasons to model data?
    Understand each user’s perspective of data
    Understand the data itself irrespective of the physical representation
    Understand the use of data across application areas
    All of the above

7. In an ER Diagram, the concept total participation is represented by which of the following components?
    Dashed lines between entity set and relationship set
    Double lines between entity set and relationship set
    Single line between entity set and relationship set
    Solid line between entity set and relationship set

8. Relations (tables) that are produced by proper application of ER model will always be in

9. "Manager salary details are hidden from the employee". Which of the following you can relate to this statement?
    External level data hiding
    Physical level data hiding
    Conceptual level data hiding
    None of the above

10. Which of the following two files are used during the operation of the DBMS?
    Query languages and utilities
    DML and query language
    Data dictionary and transaction log
    Data dictionary and query language

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