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Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Codd's Twelve Rules - Rule 5 - Comprehensive Data Sublanguage Rule

Codd's Twelve Rules - Rule 5 - Comprehensive Data Sublanguage Rule

Rule 5
Comprehensive Data Sublanguage Rule
A relational system may support several languages and various modes of terminal use. However, there must be at least one relational language that has a linear syntax, can be used both interactively and within application programs, supports data definition operations (including view definitions), data manipulation operations (update as well as retrieval), security and integrity constraints, and transaction management operations (begin, commit, and rollback).
This rule insist the existence of SQL like language to manipulate data. Manipulation should involve all the above said things (highlighted in blue color).
Transact-SQL satisfies the manipulation in SQL Server,
SQL satisfies the data manipulation in Oracle and
MySQL support a subset of ANSI SQL.
Some DBMS that fulfills this property
T-SQL in SQL Server, SQL in Oracle, ANSI SQL in MySQL, SQL in IBM DB2

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