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Riak - Overview

Riak - an Open Source, Distributed Database - Overview

Riak:- Riak was announced on August 17, 2009 by Basho Technologies. It is written in Earlang and supports Linux,BSD,Mac OS X, Solaris operating system. Its recent stable version is 2.0.0 which has been released on September 2 andcurrently it is under devlopment.Riak is used by thousands of companies worldwide, including 25% of the Fortune 50.In addition to the open-source version, it comes in a supported enterprise version and a cloud storage version that is ideal for cloud computing environments.


  • Queries

Riak provides a straightforward REST-full API through HTTP and Protocol Buffers for basic, PUT, GET, POST, and DELETE functions.

  • Predictable latency

Riak can provide excellent latency profile and evenly distributes data across nodes with consistent hashing.

  • Fault-tolerant availability

Riak replicates key/value stores across a cluster of nodes so that in the case of node outages due to network partition or hardware failures, data can still be written to a neighboring node beyond the initial three, and read-back due to its "masterless" peer-to-peer architecture.

  • Multi-datacenter replication

In this one cluster acts as a "primary cluster." The primary cluster handles replication requests from one or more "secondary clusters". It helps to maximize performance and network utilization.

  • Tunable Consistency

Each bucket can be set to be either eventually consistent (to provide high availability) or strongly consistent.

Ø  It offers extremely high availability.
Ø  Fault tolerance
Ø  Operational simplicity
Ø Scalability.

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