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List of RDBMSs that support parallel operations

List the RDBMSs that are supporting parallel operations / Parallel processing enabled RDBMSs / List of RDBMSs that are providing parallelism

List of RDBMSs that support parallel operations

·        It is a relational model database server product.
·        Commonly known as Sybase DB.
·        Available for Unix and Windows.
·        Since version 11.5, ASE has supported intra-query parallelism.
Clustrix, Inc.
·        They are the developer of NewSQL database.
·        Clustrix offers a scale-out SQL database that lets you simply add more nodes to your cluster as demand grows.
·        ClustrixDB employs massively parallel processing (MPP) across its distributed cluster to parallelize and distribute SQL queries, and uses all available resources of the cluster to accelerate the queries.

·        IBM employed MPP to parallelize queries.
·        Shared Nothing Architecture is used.
·        DB2 can use two different methods for achieving query parallelism: I/O or CPU.

·        EXASolution is an in-memory, column-oriented RDBMS.
·        It is a parallelized RDBMS runs on cluster of standard hardware servers.
·        Shared nothing architecture is used.
·        Massively Parallel Processing (MPP)
·        Highly scalable.
Available under BSD license.
·        Written in Java
·        Fully mutithreaded
Informix Dynamic Server
·        Uses Parallel Database Query (PDQ) feature to run queries in parallel.
·        PDQ along with table fragmentation feature works well.
·        Uses combination of shared memory and shared nothing architecture
·        By default, SQL Server will use all available CPUs during query execution
·        Massively Parallel Processing
·        Shared nothing architecture
MonetDB Developer team
·        Open source
·        Column-oriented DBMS
·        Designed for multi-core parallel execution on desktops
Oracle Corporation
·        Relies on Shared everything architecture
·        Oracle can flexibly parallelize almost all operations in various ways and degrees, independent of the underlying data layout without overloading the system.
·        Massively Parallel Processing
PostgreSQL Global Development Group
·        Postgres currently supports full parallelism in client-side code
·        Implements intraquery parallelism with threads.
·        Still in process to a complete parallelism support like Oracle or DB2.
SAP (Systems, Applications & Products in Data Processing)
*world’s 3rd largest software company
·        It supports inter-query and intra-query parallelism
·        It can assign multiple threads to a single request, thus achieving intra-query parallelism.
·        Each request can run on a single thread and execute on a single processor, thus achieving inter-query parallelism
Public type company
·        Teradata RDBMS is designed for parallelism
·        The virtual processor (VPROC) is the basic unit of parallelism
·        Teradata PT (Teradata Parallel Transporter) provides parallelism support for data warehouse.
·        Teradata PT supports Pipeline, Data, and Multiple parallelism

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