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Saturday, 20 September 2014

Data Types in Oracle

Oracle Datatypes / Supported datatypes in Oracle / Datatypes in Oracle (Up to Oracle 12c) / Various datatypes that are used in Oracle variable declaration / List of datatypes supported by Oracle up to Oracle 12c

Complete Guide to Oracle Datatypes (Up to Oracle 12c)

Oracle uses and supports the following built-in Datatype categories in creating tables, declaring variables in PL/SQL etc.

Character Datatypes           – To store and manipulate character based values / strings

Numeric Datatypes             – To store and manipulate numbers

Date Datatypes                  – To store and manipulate date and time

LOB Datatypes                   – To store and manipulate large objects like text based files, images, videos etc.

RAW Datatypes                  - To store graphics, sound, documents etc.

ROWID Datatypes               - To store the addresses of every row in a database.

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