Advanced Database Management System - Tutorials and Notes: MC 9213/MC 913/600103 – DATABASE MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS - January 2013
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Wednesday, 11 June 2014

MC 9213/MC 913/600103 – DATABASE MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS - January 2013

MC 9213/MC 913/600103 – Database Management Systems - January 2013 Question Paper / Anna University MCA Exam January 2013 Question Paper / MC9213 DBMS January 2013 Question Paper / MC9213 Database Management Systems Previous Year Question Paper / Anna University Affiliated Colleges MCA Question Papers

Question Paper Code : 60803
(Regulation 2009/2010)
Time : Three Hours                                                         Maximum : 100 marks
Answer ALL Questions

PART A – (10 X 2 = 20 marks)

1. What is the role of Database Administrator?
2. Define: Super key with an example.
3. What is the function of Natural join operation? Give an example.
4. Define: Tuple Relational Calculus
5. What are the features of variable length record?
6. Define: Sparse indices.
7. Write short notes on BCNF.
8. What is meant by Equivalence rules?
9. Define: Two Phase Locking Protocol.
10. Write a short note on Cascading Rollback.

PART B – (5 X 16 = 80 marks)

11. (a) Explain in detail about Database Management System structure. (16)
(b) Discuss about E-R model with an example. (16)
12. (a) Explain the following operations in Relational Algebra.
          (i) Select operation                                       (4)
          (ii) Project operation                                     (4)
          (iii) Union operation                                      (4)
          (iv) Cartesian – Product operation                   (4)
(b) What is Trigger? Explain in detail with an example. (16)
13. (a) Explain the following terms
          (i) Byte string representation                        (4)
          (ii) Fixed length representation                     (4)
          (iii) Sequential file organization                    (4)
          (iv) Clustering file organization                     (4)
(b) Describe about B+ tree index files. (16)
14. (a) Explain in detail about Third and Fourth Normal Form with suitable example. (16)
(b) Discuss the evaluation plan in detail. (16)
15. (a) Explain the following terms
          (i) Serializability                                           (10)
          (ii) Recoverability                                         (6)
(b) Explain the following terms
          (i) Graph based Protocols                             (8)
          (ii) Time Stamp Protocols                             (8)


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