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Functional Dependency - Quiz 3

Relational Database Design - Functional Dependency Quiz 2

1. Which of the following of a relation schema R, fully functionally determines all attributes of R?
    Primary Key
    Candidate Key
    Both Primary and Candidate Key
    Neither Primary Key nor Candidate Key

2. Any attribute that is proper subset of a primary key of a relation schema is called as
    Descriptor attribute
    Composite attribute
    Prime attribute
    Atomic attribute

3. Two sets of Functional Dependencies F and G are considered equal if F+ = G+.

4. The words Canonical cover and Minimal cover meant the same.

5. An attribute of relation schema R, that is not a part of Primary key is always considered as Non-Prime attribute

6. Assume the candidate keys for a relation schema R(A,B,C,D,E) as {A,B}, {A,C}, {C,D}, and {A,B} is chosen as the Primary key for R. Which of the following is true?
    A is non-key attribute
    C is non-prime attribute
    E is key attribute
    None of the above

7. If DNo --> {DName, DLoc}, which of the following Armstrong's axioms allow the functional dependency DNo --> DName?
    Reflexivity rule
    Augmentation rule
    Decomposition rule
    Union rule

8. Assume that a bank relates every customer with the home branch in which the customer maintains an account. Which of the following is true?
    Branch --> Branch
    Customer --> Branch
    Customer --> Customer
    All of the above

9. A functional dependency AB --> C is said to be minimal if
    either A --> C or B --> C holds
    neither A --> C nor B --> C holds
    both A --> C and B --> C holds
    None of the above holds

10. In a relational schema R(A, B, C) with functional dependencies A --> B, B --> C, and A --> C, which of the functional dependencies is redundant?
    A --> C
    A --> B
    B --> C
    None of the above

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