Sunday, March 23, 2014

Functional Dependency Quiz 1

Relational Database Design - Functional Dependency Quiz

1. __________ refers to a attribute or group of attributes mentioned in the left hand side of the arrow in a FD.
    Multivalued attribute
    All of the above

2. In a functional dependency X --> Y, if Y is functionally dependent on X, but not on X's proper subsets, then we would call the functional dependency as
    Full Functional Dependency
    Partial Functional Dependency
    Multivalued Functional Dependency
    None of the above

3. Which of the following is the result of bad database design?
    Repetition of Information
    Inability to represent some information
    Inconsistent database state due to some transaction
    All of the above

4. If X is {E, G, H, M} and Y is {G, M} then X --> Y is
    Augmentation Rule
    Reflexivity Rule
    Union Rule
    Pseudotransitivity Rule

5. If X --> YZ then X --> Y and X --> Z is
    Composition Rule
    Reflexivity Rule
    Union Rule
    Decomposition Rule

6. Consider F1 and F2 as two sets of functional dependencies. If every functional dependency in F2 can be inferred from the functional dependencies of F1 using inference rules, then F1 is _________ of F2
    Cover Set
    Closure Set
    Minimal Set
    None of the above

7. If X --> Y is a functional dependency and X and Y are sets of attributes, what is the relationship between X and Y?

8. For a functional dependency X --> Y, it is said to be _________ if Y is the subset or equal to X.

9. To check whether X (a set of one or more attributes) is a candidate key of relation R, we need to find ______ of X.
    Canonical Cover
    Minimal Cover
    None of the above

10. (a) If every functional dependency in F1 can be inferred from F2 on application of inference rules, and
      (b) removal of any one attribute from any functional dependency of F2 violates (a).   
Then F2 is called ______ for F1.
    Minimal Cover
    Canonical Cover
    Both Minimal and Canonical Cover
    None of the above

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