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Normalization - Solved exercises

Set of solved exercises in Normalization / Normalization Solved Examples / How to find candidate keys, and primary keys in database? / Sets of examples to find the keys of a tables / Process of finding Key in a database - Examples

INSERT, DELETE, MODIFY Anomalies Identification

Primary key / Candidate key identification

 Primary key / Candidate key identification


Find the functional dependencies that violate a normal form

Normalization Solved Questions

Decomposition - Lossy or lossless

normalization solved exercises
how to normalize a relation to second normal form (2nf)
how to normalize a relation to third normal form (3nf)
how to normalize a relation to Boyce-code normal form (BCNF)
find minimal cover
find canonical cover
lossless and lossy join decomposition
find candidate keys and super keys
what is candidate key
find functional dependencies
transitive functional dependency
armstrong's axioms

SQL exercises for beginners one

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