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Database System Architecures and Distributed Database - Quiz 2

Database System Architectures - Quiz

1. Which of the following is more suitable for parallelizing a single query?
    Coarse-granularity parallelism
    Fine-granularity parallelism
    None of them

2. A regular desktop machine (with two to four processors) can be mentioned as ________________ machine.
    Fine-grain parallel
    Coarse-grain parallel
    Massively parallel
    None of the above

3. If we parallelize the execution of large number of small transactions in a database system, then which of the following would be increased?
    Response time
    Rotational latency
    All of the above

4. If the speed of a parallel system is N when the larger system has N times the resources of the smaller system, then the speedup is __________
    Linear Speedup
    Sublinear Speedup
    Superlinear Speedup
    None of the above

5. Which of the following can affect the speedup and scaleup of a database system?
    Startup costs
    All of the above

6. Which of the following situation would cause a skew?
    Huge amount of records in a table
    Even distribution of records in multiple sites

7. In which of the following architectures memory bus is not a bottleneck?
    Shared memory and shared disk
    Shared disk and shared nothing
    Shared memory and shared nothing
    All of the above

8. Which of the following would improve the availability of resources especially for reading in a distributed database system?
    Fragmentation of database
    Replication of database
    Defragmentation of database
    Tuning of database

9. ______________ is very much required to process a query in a distributed database.
    Global System Catalog
    Database Views
    None of the above

10. Reliability and availablity of a Centralized Data Allocation method is ___________ when compared to a Completely Replicated Data Allocation .
    Not applicable

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