Sunday, 1 March 2015

Advantages of Data Fragmentation in Distributed Database

Advantages of Data Fragmentation / What are the advantages of fragmentation in distributed database management systems?

Advantages of Fragmentation

  • Parallelized execution of queries by different sites is possible. A query can be divided into several sub-queries and can be executed simultaneously at several sites.
  • A database is fragmented and fragments are made available at different sites. It reduces disk space utilization considerably.
  • Data management is easy as fragments are smaller compare to the complete database.
  • Increased availability of data to the users/queries that are local to the site in which the data stored.
  • Most of the applications work with views rather than entire relations; hence in terms of usage, fragmentation is advantageous.
  • As the data is available close to the place where it is mostly frequently used, the efficiency of the system in terms of query processing, transaction processing is increased.
  • Data that are not required by local applications are not stored locally. It leads to reduced data transfer between sites, and increased security.

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