Monday, 10 November 2014

Diadvantages of OODBMS

List the disadvantages of OODBMS / What are the disadvantages of OODBMS?

Disadvantages of Object Oriented DBMSs (OODBMS)

  • Lack of universal data model and lack of standards – there is no universally agreed model for OODBMS.

  • Lack of experience – not easy for an end user. We need programmers to interact.
  • Competition – Object Relational DBMS (ORDBMS) are much more easier to use and capable of providing object facility to the end user.
  • Query optimization compromises encapsulation – The query optimization process requires complete understanding about the database in terms of table information and size etc. Hence, we need to compromise encapsulation (encapsulation is a language mechanism for restricting access to some of the object's components).
  • Locking at object level may impact performance
  • Complexity – OODBMS concept implementation is complex.
  • Lack of support for views – no support for views manipulation
  • Lack of support for security
  • Poor performance – query optimization for OODBMS is complex.
  • Unable to support large-scale systems – scalability issue. 

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